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Contact Us

  • Xuzhou Beibang Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Tel: +86-516-83666687
  • Fax: +86-516-83578116
  • Workshop add:No.3 Jingshan road, Jin Shanqiao development zone, Xuzhou city, China
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mob/Whatsup/Viber:+86-13952171582/+86-13913451806/+86-13952171592/+86-13775982396
  • Office Add: No.65-1,East Third Ring Road,Xuzhou City,China.

Home > CASES>XCMG LW400FN wheel loader has delivered to South-East Asia market

XCMG LW400FN wheel loader has delivered to South-East Asia market

On 26th of March 2017, Beibang Machinery has delivered 3 pcs XCMG LW400FN wheel loader to South-East Asia market

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